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Songs of Tagore - Where Tradition Complements the Contemporary
- Baishe Srabon Special Supplement by Indrani Roy


Towards the conservation and sustenance of the heritage of Indian Music, MUSIC has planned a series of activities and taken up several projects to fulfil its moral and social obligations and achieve its objective in conserving and sustaining the heritage of Indian Music. These projects would surely make honest and good use of the funds that are being raised as MUSIC declares itself to be a non-profit organisation, whose funds are exclusively meant for achieving the Society’s aims.

The Society distributes its activities in three divisions – Preservation, Publication and Programmes.

The Preservation Division is mainly assigned with the duties related to acquiring, cataloguing and maintaining tangible and intangible objects for an archive. MUSIC plans this archive to be a near-complete showcase of Indian Musical Heritage that will include a collection of audio and visual recordings (published and unpublished), musical instruments and other documents/objects pertaining to the purpose of the archive.
To know about the Preservation Division and the Archive of MUSIC, click HERE.

The Publication Division is presently engaged in preparing for the release of a journal accompanied by a CD ROM exclusively on Bangla Kirtan – Bengal’s only original classical form of music. This is a unique attempt and will hopefully succeed in explaining the objectives of MUSIC to the readers. Subsequently the Publication Division is also slated to undertake the responsibilities of publishing periodicals as well as audio and visual products pertaining to the purpose of the Society.
To know more about Publication Division and what it has been doing, click HERE.

The Programmes Division is in charge of organising events that all the projects taken up by the Society culminate into. Several such programmes have been organised so far particularly with an eye to establish Indian Music as a self-sufficient academic faculty. A list of the programmes that we have held so far has been provided herewith.
To know about the events that MUSIC has held so far, click HERE.

To become a member of MUSIC, you will need to download a form and read the important information.

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