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1.   Admission to Membership:

Any person including an artificial juridical person eligible to enter into a contract irrespective of the gender, faith or caste may be admitted as a member of the society provided he / she agrees to be guided by the Memorandum of Association and Regulations of the society.

The Governing Body shall be satisfied that the member admitted has interest in the advancement of the objects of the organisation and thereby Governing Body shall be the final authority to admit or refuse to admit a person as member.

The above shall not be applicable to the first members of the Governing Body as they happen to be automatically the only members of the society at the time of registration of the Society and till any new member is admitted.

2.   Resignation and Removal of members and automatic cessation of membership:

A member lf the Governing Body shall be at liberty to resign from the membership of the Governing Body and such resignation shall be accepted by the Governing Body unless there is the question of recovery of any dues from the resigning member. The same rule shall apply to any office bearer intending to resign from the post held by him.

Removal of any member of the Governing Body shall automatically apply if the concerned member disqualifies himself or herself by virtue of section 28 of the Act.

Removal of a member of the Governing Body shall also be effected for anti-Society activities and for activities prejudicial to the interest of the organisation. However, in such cases the concerned member shall be afforded reasonable opportunity of self-defence by serving upon him a show-cause notice. The reply to the show-cause notice should be submitted within 3 weeks and on receipt thereof the same shall be examined by the Governing Body. In case, the member does not reply within 3 weeks, the Governing Body shall examine the papers and records substantiating the proof of the member’s anti-organisation activities. The decision of the Governing Body in respect of the concerned member’s removal shall be binding upon him. However, no consequential damage or loss in case of subsequent withdrawal of removal of the member by the Governing Body shall be granted.

The above, as applicable to the members of Governing Body, shall apply to all members of the Society.

3.   Classes of Members:

  1. Individual Member: An individual qualified to be a member of the Society in terms of para 3.1 ibid may be called an individual member of any of the following categories viz.,
    1. General Member by paying ordinary membership fee as may be determined by the Society from time to time and enjoying voting right;
    2. Honorary Member by accepting the offer of membership of honour or dignity without enjoying voting right;
    3. Associate Member by making himself eligible to avail of certain services on payment of the periodic requisite fee as may be fixed by the society from time to time and without enjoying voting right;
    4. Life Member by agreeing to pay a one-time fee equal to the membership fee payable by a General Member in seven years of his/her membership, renewable after ten years or till his/her death whichever is earlier.
  1. Institutional (or Corporate) Member: An artificial juridical person or a body corporate interested in the advancement and furtherance of the objects of a society may become the Institutional (or Corporate) member by paying such membership fee as may be fixed by the society from time to time. The Chief Executive or any other officer as may be nominated by the concerned organisation shall represent the organisation and enjoy the voting right on behalf of the organisation in the society.

4.   Rights and Obligations of the Members:

  1. Only the General Members of the society have the right to elect and to be elected in any election of the society. However, defaulting Members shall not be allowed to take part or vote in a meeting;
  2. All the members have a right to take part in all the activities and programmes of the society, provided the Governing Body approves of their ability to do so;
  3. Each member shall be deemed as an asset by the society and the society will be willing to use best his/her developed and inherent capabilities relevant to the purpose of the society;
  4. No member shall complain if he/she is not included in any or a series of activities/projects/programmes of the society on account of his/her immaturity/incapability/ inconvenience (on his/her part or on part of the society) in that respect. He, however, will be expected to develop his/her abilities to take part in the next project/programme;
  5. A member shall not expect to be included in every project/programme even though his/her abilities to do so are best developed. The participants of each project/programme will be decided by the Convenor of that programme, who will be nominated from within the Governing Body and by the Governing Body;
  6. The members will not take it as an exception if the Governing Body requisitions the services of other people (non members) on particular occasions;
  7. Members may submit suggestions for discussion to the Governing Body. However, whether any such discussion will actually take place will be entirely the decision of the Governing Body and no member can complain if his/her suggestion is not discussed in any subsequent meeting;
  8. A member has the right to inspect and be aware of the accounts and proceedings of the Society with prior appointment;
  9. A member will be provisionally eligible to subsidies/ discounts, while he/she is subscribing to and/or paying for any facility/ opportunity/ material, organized/ published/ presented by the society. However, when to provide such services and who is eligible to avail of it will only be decided by the society;
  10. A member has the right to clear all dues relating to his/her membership in time;
  11. A member has the right to uphold self-esteem and hold the society in high esteem.

In case you have any further queries, please feel free to contact us and ask your question in brief.

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