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After filling up this form, the applicant has to send it by post or bring it in person to:

D.C. 2/7 Golf Green, Phase-I
Kolkata, West Bengal, India

Please do not send a filled up form by a bearer. If you cannot visit us in person, you are advised to use registered postal/courier service. No other means of communication will be entertained.

  MUSIC always prefers that the applicant comes to us in person and submits the form. The applicant has to submit the form in person if he/she wants to pay the membership fee in cash. Please do not post the cash.

With the form the applicant has to submit:

  1. The membership fee.
  1. Two copies of recent stamp size photos, duly signed by the applicant.
    Please do not sign across the photo such that the face is not clearly visible.
  Please do not write anything in the lower section of the form indicated “For Office Use Only”.
  Filling up and submitting this form to MUSIC means that you are aware of and do not have any doubt about/ objection against the rules and regulations that a member of MUSIC should abide by. You are free to inspect the rules and regulations to be followed by a member and also the rights and obligations of a member, in this website.
  You can tick out the category of member that you want to belong to as per your preference in entry no. 2. However, the fact that an applicant applies for a particular category of membership does not entitle him/ her to obtain the same. The Governing Body of MUSIC holds sole authority to select or reject the applications for membership.
  If you have received any formal training in any form of Indian Music, please indicate “vocal/instrumental/dance” in entry no. 8. In addition to this also indicate your specialization e.g. Dhrupad/Khayal/Thumri/Bhajan/Bangla songs/ Rabindrasangeet/ Folk, etc. in vocal; Tabla/ Sitar/Flute, etc. in instruments and Bharat Nattyam/ Kathak/ Manipuri/ Odissi/ Folk, etc. in dance.
  In case a minor (below 18 years of age) wants to become a member, the particulars in the form with respect to entries no. 4, 5 and 6 should be that of the guardian (preferably parent) of the applicant.
  In case of any change in your address, telephone number, job, etc. please do inform MUSIC so that the members’ database can be duly updated.
  The accounting year of Music is usually the financial year, startin on 1st April in a year and ending on 31st March of the subsequesnt year. Please send your membership renewal before 31st March in any year.