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Programmes 2007


Jan 14
Golf Green Phase–I Apartment Owners’ Assocn. Hall •Sri Nirmalya Guha (Lecture–demonstration)

Sri Nirmalya Guha, a noted scholar in Linguistics with a mellifluous voice and a rich formal training in both branches of Indian Classical Music, Carnatic and Hindusthani, spoke on “Carnatic and Hindusthani – an Intradisciplinary Dialogue in Indian Music”. An interactive session and a brief musical programme followed the lecture.

Mar 03
Golf Green Phase–I Apartment Owners’ Assocn. Hall

•Sri Timir Ghosh (Vocal)

•Smt. Chandrabali Rudra Dutta (Vocal)

•Smt. Sucharita Sharma and the members of her troop (Dance)

•Smt. Tanika Bhattacharya (Vocal)

•Sri Snigdhadeb Sengupta (Vocal)

This was a concert co-organized by the Golf Green Central Co-ordination Committee as a part of the Basanta Utsab. MUSIC celebrated the colours of spring, on the evening of Doljatra through a presentation titled “Nrityageet-ey Dol O Basanta” (Dance and Music to Celebrate Spring and The Festival of Colours).

All the performers for the evening morally endorsed the motto of MUSIC and hence are eventually the esteemed members of MUSIC.

The First performance session of MUSIC
Apr 14
Golf Green Phase–I Apartment Owners’ Assocn. Hall

•Sri Arindam Rakshit

•Smt. Anwesha Duttagupta (Vocals)

On the eve of Poila Baisakh, the Bengali new year’s day (April 14, 2007), MUSIC launched its official website, www.moveforsangeet.com in a cozy and homely event that included the members and a few other close acquaintances. Sri Arnab Roy Chowdhury, a member of MUSIC and the man behind the planning and layout designing of the website stressed the need for any serious endeavour around the world to go on the web in the present context.

A brief musical programme that followed, included recitals by two stars of the future.

The official website of MUSIC was launched
May 19

Sri Aurobindo Bhavan
8, Shakespeare Sarani, Kolkata

•Vocals: Sri Aniruddha Singha, Sri Arindam Rakshit, Smt Rohini Roy Choudhury, Smt Sritama Gangopadhyay, Smt Sunrita Dutta.

•Dance: Smt Piyali Dasgupta, Smt Sucharita Sharma and the members of Debarpan Centre for Dance.

•Recitations: Sri Tapas Choudhury, Smt Swapna Dey, Smt Antara Das, Sri Subir Bandyopadhyay.

•Accompaniments: Sri Anjan Bandyopadhyay, Sri Panchanan Debnath, Sri Somnath Das, Sri Prasenjit Sengupta.

MUSIC in association with Sri Aurobindo Bhavan, Shakespeare Sarani Kolkata, presented a unique event. Sri Amit Gangopadhyay came up with a script that included poems by Jibanananda Das and Songs of Rabindranath Tagore. MUSIC prepared a collage of poems dance and songs out of it and offered something that had not happened before.

The entire event was coordinated by Sri Satyakam Sen.

Sri Sudhir Chakraborty, the frontline literary personality and noted scholar spoke on “Rabindranath O Jibanananda” at the outset.

Jun 21
(World Music Day)
Golf Green Phase–I Apartment Owners’ Assocn. Hall

•Sri Jatileshwar Mukhopadhyay (Inaugural Lecture)

•Snigdhadeb Sengupta (Lecture-demonstration)

MUSIC started its Listeners’ Club on World Music Day, June 21, 2007. The members listened to recorded versions of Malhar ke Prakar (the different varieties of Malhar), performed by maestros of Hindusthani Sangeet and also discussed a few popular and interesting aspects about Malhar and other monsoon melodies. Sri Jatileshwar Mukhopadhyay graced the occasion with his inspiring presence. MUSIC also formally initiated the proceedings of its Preservation Division on the evening as it acquired a few very rare and valuable photographs, letters and other documents of immense archival value.

The inauguration of MUSIC Listeners’ Club and celebration of World Music Day.
Aug 18
Golf Green Phase–I Apartment Owners’ Assocn. Hall •Snigdhadeb Sengupta (Lecture-demonstration)

The topic for the session was Music in Films - highlighting the contributions of Mohammed Rafi. Music commemorated the death anniversary (July 31) of this legend in Indian playback singing, through this programme.

Sep 28
Press Club, Kolkata

•Sri Prasad Sen

•Sri Surajit Sengupta

MUSIC hosted a press conference at the Press Club, Kolkata, to showcase its first annual programme featuring Dr. Subhadra Desai and USTAD RASHID KHAN. The press meet was also meant to make the media aware about the proceedings of the Society. Eminents like Sri Prasad Sen ( a legendary singer and guru and the President of MUSIC) and Sri Surajit Sengupta (ex Indian footballer, media personality and a member of MUSIC) were present on the occasion.

Oct O1
G.D. Birla Sabhagar, Kolkata

•Vocals: Ustad Rashid Khan and Dr. Subhadra Desai.

•Accompaniments: Pandit Anandagopal Bandyopadhyay (Tabla), Sri Jyoti Goho (Harmonium), Sri Kharak Singh (Tabla), Sri Gaurab Chatterjee (Harmonium).

•Felicitations: Smt. Sukla Hazra and Sri Dinen Nandi.

Dr. Desai was accompanied by Sri Gaurab Chatterjee and Sri Kharak Singh.

USTAD RASHID KHAN was accompanied by Sri Jyoti Goho and Pandit Anandagopal Bandyopadhyay. The trio of maestros, very known to the listeners of Indian Music, concluded the programme.

MUSIC’s First Annual Programme
Dec 09
Golf Green Phase–I Apartment Owners’ Assocn. Hall

•Dr. J.K. Sengupta (Lecture)

•Satabhisha Ghosh (Rabindrasangeet)

The speaker for the evening was Dr. J.K. Sengupta. he lectured on Music Therapy for Alleviation of Various Diseases and on Normal Persons.

The programme also featured Satabhisha Ghosh, a little girl who is an exceptional talent in Rabindrasangeet.




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